Epic Three Little Pigs news coverage


Brilliant advertising.


A publicity stunt like we like them

Let’s be honest, they brew crappy beer, but the folks at Budweiser know how to throw a marketing stunt. This time they surprise amateur hockey players and give them the time of their lives.





Turns out the Ferris-Buelleresque teaser released earlier this week was just a shameless publicity stunt by Honda. Did I say shameless? I meant totally awesome, Bueller inspired piece of art featuring Matthew Broderick!!


Starburst is up at it again

My own theory: They have geniuses making babies, raise those babies, then ask them to come up with marketing strategies.


A goose shipping a hockey stick to a puppy

Nicely done.


That ad must have cost a lot of Washingtons

Doc Brown and the DeLorean return is this ad for Argentinian electronics store Gabarino.



Nice Billboard

Pretty decent beer as well…

Spotted in San Diego, CA.


Speeding PSA

Nice use of the Steadicam. Must have been tough for actors to keep a freeze for that long. It must have been a long, cold night too. I bet the bloody make-up was pretty uncomfortable as well. Not that I would know, though.

Genius Marketing Campaign: Russian Facebook Roulette

Quite simple; you play Russian Roulette with your virtual life. If you take the bullet, you lose your Facebook account. If you survive the whole game, you win a trip to Russia. I say that’s brilliant!

(pas game)


Well that was uncalled for…

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children goes straight to the point in this shocking, thought-provoking PSA


Touch the rainbow



Short Shorts Marketing


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