Give it up for my homie

My longtime buddy Phil Jacques is gonna take part in the Street Snowboarding event at this weekend’s Winter X Games in Aspen, CO and I felt like shouting it out.

Here’s a clip from Phil’s part in CAPITA’s recent feature Defenders Of Awesome.





This is post number 1000. I thought I’d take the time to thank everybody for wasting their time here. This blog was originaly intended to give my facebook friends a break from all the nonsense I had been throwing them on a daily basis, yet it has grown out of proportions and I now have daily readers and subscribers from all over the world. So thanks, and welcome to the new recent subscribers!

Upcoming film

Phil Jacques’ teaser for the upcoming Capita feature Defenders of awesome

Summer Blues: Tilt-shift de Coachella

Il mouille depuis un bout, je suis semi-embluesé, donc je post des vidéos qui sont inutiles mais ensoleillés!

Tim Towner’s Bandology

Just cause Tim loves pictures so much...

Great music blog from my friend Tim Towner who’s been around in the music industry for a while now. He knows as much about independant music as you know about your sex life, or, in his own words:

I’ve toured, managed, tour managed and do A&R scouting for labels and other industry people. I love people and music.

Tim Towner on Twitter:

Highlining California

Trailer du film Highlining California, tourné dans la vallée de Yosemite, Californie, à l’été 2009 par deux Québécois, Dhanaé Audet-Beaulieu et Julien Desforges

Le site web

Pour en savoir plus sur la Slackline

Phil Jacques aka PJ aka JP aka Pénis Jacques

Tout frais sorti de l’Ancienne-Lorette, ce qui veut tout dire

Petit cochonnet qui peint

Le peintre-poéte BRAWL qui invite les gens de Plenty Humanwear dans son bâtiment abandonné préféré. Avec en bonus une track des Raconteurs.

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