Tough decision

by redditor halfgone.

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Fails of June

Another month, another fail-monster

Arcade Fire / Spike Jonze short film finally online

You can now watch the full version of Scenes From The Suburbs, the short film inspired by Arcade Fire’s latest album and directed by Spike Jonze

Two weeks later and these still bring the chills

(sorry if I’m rubbing it in)

Click image to see full-size.


Little Eden doesn’t like Hairspray

Cutie patootie


Things you can do with a mobile phone these days


In Soviet Russia, you get kicked in the stomach

As redditor hintoa¬† puts it: “Russian Jerry Springer makes US version look like the View.


Monty Python and the Holy Fight Club

Ni! Ni! Ni!


Glad you could join me


I’ve never seen a koala fight before, this is interest… OHHHH GOOOOD!!!!

Demons are among us!!


A pleasant surprise

Audrey and Logan have been missing their daddy for quite a while. He was deployed. He came back early.


Scary Slippers

You just can’t negociate with maniacs like this.


Maybe there is talent in America after all.

Well there sure is hard work and dedication. This performance is a beauty.


Blueberries, Bluberries!

I’m gonna go ahead and say this is the funniest video I’ve seen on the internet so far in 2011. My head still hurts from laughing a good 10 minutes straight.


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