Post pas drôle

J’ai passé trop de temps sans écouter cet album.

Amy’s got a baby in her stomach
She took my hand, I felt it kick
So she’s crying and glowing
She’s 3 months and showing
Seeing her now makes me want to live

But her man’s got an angry mouth
He once told me to rot in hell
He’s poisonous, reasonless
Demons and Jesus
If he died it’d be just as well

So I’m having it out with the rain
It argues so long and so loud
It keeps tapping and talking
We’re walking forever on First Avenue headed south

And all the traffic lights blur
Into a bright bouquet
My heart is in mothballs
It’s been packed away
And I can’t get to it no way
Until the birds return for spring cleaning

All the traffic lights blur into a bright bouquet
I wish I could just turn and walk away
But I can’t do it no way
Until the birds return for spring cleaning


Time of the month tiger

Wo! Hey! WHAT WAS THAT??!?

Well played, Brian!

Women’s rights



Keep calm and whip your hair back and forth

Mr. President, sign my iPad

There you go buddy

Simplified Logos

Combien pouvez-vous en identifier?



Sean Avery qui se le fait dire

Le pire c’est que Wisniewski a été suspendu pour 2 matchs. WTF?

Premier clip en 360º sur Youtube

Basé sur le principe click and drag. Clip de Professor Green

Wait for it…




Excellent montage. Légèrement étourdissant

Awwwwwwww :)



J’ai peur d’un robot qui danse

Ed Hardy

Gotta get back in time!

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